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At the same parallel as Tunis, there is a delightful village, Portopalo di Capo Passero, the southernmost municipality of Italy, islands apart.
Porto Palo di Capo Passero is under the Syracusan province, a watershed between two seas, the Ionian and the Mediterranean.
Via Vittorio Emanuele, the main street, cuts the town in two and touches the Ionian Sea to the east and the Mediterranean to the west: here the sea is the absolute master.
Its coast is characterized by small rocky coves, where the blue and crystalline sea creeps and a long sandy coast. Once you arrive, then, according to your tastes, you can head to the area you prefer.
What for the island of Capo Passero, connected to the mainland by a strip of sand that can be traveled when there is low tide, can also be reached by canoe, pedal boat or with a small fishing boat that transports to and from the island throughout the day at set times.
Every year on August 7, in honor of the patron saint of the town of "San Gaetano", the fascinating Palio del Mare takes place, an ancient historical tradition of the summer in Portopalese.
Also known as "cursa re varchi" ("boat race"), it is a competition between rowing boats with crews of 4 people, in the beautiful natural scenery of Mandrie port ... AN APPOINTMENT NOT TO BE MISSED!

History of Portopalo di Capo Passero

The territory where the current center of Portopalo stands has been a populated center since ancient times.
Initially called Capo Pachino, and then Terra Nobile, the current Porto Palo was founded in 1778 by Don Gaetano Deodato Moncada, who at his expense had a hundred houses built around the already existing tonnara. This first urban nucleus had about 300 people, including farmers, fishermen and shepherds.
After the abolition of feudalism, until 1812, Portopalo was a suburban village of Noto, and subsequently passed under the decurionate of Pachino.
As shown by a census, in 1936 Portopalo had 1710 inhabitants, organized in small houses along the current Via Vittorio Emanuele.
It looked like a country village, organized small white houses, each of which had "u bagghiu", a small space used as a stable.
In this period the water network was not yet present: the only supply point was the municipal well at the Belmonte castle, now Tafuri castle.
Its name became Portopalo di Capopassero in 1975, when the township was constituted an autonomous municipality by the work of Dr. Salvatore Gozzo, physician and politician.
You can't miss are the two islets that rise in front of the village and that are part of the municipality: the island of Capo Passero and the Isola delle Correnti.



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